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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Sorry its been a while. Things have been crazy around here lately. So many things happening all at once I didn’t even have time to catch my breath. My bday, another aptitude test , a journey, and passing out parade. Its been soo hectic.
Remember the Nigerian breweries application? Well, Miracle of miracles!!! I was invited for the assessment test. Yes o!!!! moi was invited for the aptitude test. Problem was it took place in
Lagos so I had to take a quick trip to Lagos to write it, Immediately after my birthday.
Talking about the birthday .. it was nice no scratch that it was lovely. I had a great time . I had cake and drinks for a few friends and I took loads of pictures. He was the first to call me on my birthday and he really made my day.
The test was soooo nice. It was so cool in short it was a test like none I had attended before. I had a good time. We wrote the test in the fully airconditioned multi purpose hall B at the University of lagos Akoka. For the first time I actually had fun at a test. Apart from the usual camaraderie that happens at most assessment test, the people at my table were so funny. We had a good time while waiting for the test to start swapping NYSC and jub hunting stories.

Passing out parade was great as well the week before it, we had NYSC week in kaduna. There was a career seminar... picture this scene. A guy stands on a podium giving a lecture while his supposed audience were busy chatting, gisting, looking for the attendance sheet, carrying babies, and all what not. Poor guy I wonder how much they paid him to give the lecture ‘cos I wondered what it took for him to give a lecture to a bunch of people who weren’t even listening. Then there was a Bob- A- Job which we later found out was a scam by the LI’s and ZI’s as NYSC did not ask us to do it they just came up with it on their own.
They gave us collection slips. They pegged the minimum return at five hundred naira I made 2800, I gave them 500 naira and pocketed the rest, it was a good thing I did ‘cos when the state coordinator asked them to refund the money they only paid out 500 naira each regardless of how much u returned. Then there was community service day and we were once again asked to go and sweep the central market. Im not sure any body did though. We just went there and put our names down.
Why they feel a need to keep asking us to sweep the market all in the name of community service is beyond me. I mean surely there are better ways of developing the community than sweeping the market.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The red hot Gist
Before I go to the gist could I ask a question? Okay here goes , why do people love gist soo much!!!?
Actually the gist is ……………………….. right here. Nothing much really except that sometimes I feel like I'm walking on air.
I really don't know exactly how to write about it. I suppose I'll divulge as time goes on.
I have my fears and stuff… most of the time…….
I'm scared that it's not for real, that it's some kind of joke that it won't work out, that I'll wake up and it'll be all a dream ….. in short I'm scared of being scared. I'm just sooo contradictory right now.
I feel like I can't help myself yet I feel like I chose to do this.
I wish the butterflies in my stomach would just go away.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

'cos i know you'll be reading

On the phone

I look up, a smile lights up my face
I pause, listen and my smile grows wider
I look for a quiet corner

Something warm uncoils from the bottom of my belly
It spreads throughout my body
my feet, my hands, my face
I feel hot and cold

The distance between us disappears
your hand holds mine
I feel safe, I feel loved
I'm on the phone with u