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Monday, September 18, 2006

Back in Lagos
So i'm back in Lagos and seriously job hunting
One thing i hate abut it all is the silence. I had better get a job soon. Problem is i can't find anything to blog about. My life is pretty boring right now. Hopefully things will pick up soon.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Friday, September 01, 2006


To all those whose paths crossed mine

To all those who knew me, I say I love you all and I'll miss u
To all those I knew but couldn't sum up the courage to speak to I'm sorry
To all the friends I made I look forward to keeping the friendship alive
This poem is for u

From the North south east and west we came
All with a common goal (NYSC)
Getting to know each other
Sharing so much in the space of one year
Getting to know ourselves
Only to find that the time is up
And we've got to part
I'll Miss u

This Poem is for:
Lanre(My Popsie), Nnenna(his girfriend) Ngozi(his wife), Chris, Ijeoma, Obi(ohby not obi) [The kaduna south crew]
Samira Balarabe , Aisha, Rekiya, Salamatu [All my married pregnant and/or nursing babies peeps]
Aisha(my camp bunkie), Halima, Joyce, Rita, Loveth, Fati, Nneka (single), Nneka (married), Sa’adatu, Yetunde, Ada(my most cherished ibo friend who can speak my language better than me and who left me behind in kaduna), Ngozi, Tochi, Oby (FFO), Grace, Mercy, Racheal(Halima kangoro) [all the G2 ladies at black gold orientation camp]
Yomi(Member of my club), Gracious, Id, curtis [The dicon crew]
And others who I met by a stoke of sheer luck
Dami(cry cry), Chinwe, Ogochukwu(ogo fine girl), Linda(P4 !!!), Yetunde, Big Chichi(P4!!!!), Oyin, Supo, Tobi (Fake gentleman)and all those too numerous to mention
I raise my hat to you all. It was a pleasure knowing u.

Once again I find myself on the edge of the unknown. Afraid to move on cos I'm afraid of tomorrow. Not knowing whats out there. I'm sure I cannot stay but I'm scared of what tomorrow holds.
It's been a long hard road I've traveled a road full of trials, pain, joy, deapair a journey of self discovery. Over the last few months I've finally felt confident to enough to say to say yes I know me I feel like I finally grew up I don’t feel like such a fraud anymore afraid someone somewhere will realize that im not for real that I'm just faking being grown up.
But still as I stand on the threshold of the unknown my heart skips a beat my step falters and for a minute im not sure anymore with every beat of my heart thud thud a billion questions cross my mind and I have no answers to them.
I just wish that I could like get a sneak preview so I'll be sure that ill be sure that everything will be fine. But alas life does not give sneak previews I guess it would take the surprise out of it.
I just wish someone would hold me and tall me that my tomorrow will be just fine.
Im like a man facing a door
Afraid to open the door 'cos he doesn’t know what's beyond the door
But yet i've got to open the door 'cos I cannot stay here I'll just comfort myself with these words
"For I know he who holds tomorrow and I know he holds my hand"
Passing out (not literarily) and passing the baton of NYSC gist to Trae.
"Free at last
Free at last
Thank God Almighty
I'm free at last."

Yes!!!!!!!!!!! thank God Im free at last. No more General CD, no more wahala, no more drama no more queues, no more LI trouble I'm freeeeee.
The road has been rough it's been tough at last I'm free. Now unto the next phase. Do I hear a masters? Maybe (at least there wont be NYSC afterwards). A Masters in Residential Studies with 21/2 kids and a dog? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhh not just yet. What about the big job in VI? Most definitely.

During the final march past when the whole of Murtala Mohammed Stadim Kaduna erupted in cheers with everyone hugging each other, I broke out in goose bumps. It was finally over . It was a beautiful ceremony and the partade was perfect. With the lackadaisical attitude we'd shown during rehearsal one would think that the parade would be a flop but it wasn't. With half the female population of corpers either pregnant or nursing babies and more than 60% of the remaining half pretending to be including a fair percentage of guys I'd half expected the thing to be terrible but it wasn’t.
Lots of kudos to the parade team batch B 2006 and of course our very able parade commander Idris Taiwo (all the best in the NDA).
After the euphoria of the parade we went back to the usual NYSC way. We had to pay 500 naira for the state corpers magazine and another 500 was deducted from our transport allowance for the NYSc foundation . All this after paying 500 for our club mags and another 500 for the local government mags Now I've got all these mags that are totally useless to me. Plus including a certificate of meritorious (yeah right) service from my club.
Talk about serious extortion. Collecting the certificate was the easy part. Collecting the transport allowance was the nightmare. Trust NYSC to come up with a nightmare moment. They paid by hand and you can imagine over 1500 people trying to collect money from a few points. It was simply hellish. Some people were like it was all in a bid to make us forget the money so every body was like lai!!!!lai they must collect their 500 naira. I didn’t collect mine until past six. In all I was just grateful. I had done it. My certificate was ok my name was spelt right. I AM FREE
I look around
Trying to burn the memory
of the faces around me
in my heart
knowing that I may never see
some of these faces again
goose bumps cover me
and tears fill my eye
I'll miss them; the camaraderie
the empathy, the hugs
the handshakes, the shared troubles
the shared job hunts, the tests we did together
I'll miss this year
'cos I know that i'll never come thru here again.