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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Femization... too much grammar ..abeg before una break my medula ... i don check am for wikipedia and from all the big big grammar wen full there my understanding of the word is as follows:
Feminization - As a lifestyle desire. Feminization is a person's voluntary transformation from male to female, either physically, behaviorally, or both. This transformation can either be permanent, or temporary.
To my understanding it means becoming more girly. Over the last couple of weeks, i've found myself having this great need to put on a dress. yeah .. i know.. whats all the hype about putting on a dress. The thing is the last time i put on a dress, i was like 10 , 11 so this great desire is certainly news worthy. Even with every girl , their mamas, and their grandmas sporting an ankara dress i never made or wore one. I just didnt see myself wearing one and i had a long list of perfect excuses too.. it wouldn't fit well... ill look frumpy.... blah blah blah all so i wouldnt admit that i just didnt want to wear a dress at that time period.
Now that phase has passed and i find myself looking at dresses in a different light and im thinking to myself ...hmmm i think ill look fly in that..... and that..... and since i dont do half measures i want the whole girly lifestyle. The clothes, the make up, the bright colors, the reds, the pinks ... the whole works.. Now its not like i dont wear make up, i do i just dont do it all the time and i always miss something out, if its not eye shadow , its mascara e.t.c.. This need has been so great that ive had to sit myself down and ask whats with all this girly business? I asked my evil twin who is my resident shrink and she says that the need to be girly is just an expression of the big thing i want which is... yep you guessed right .. change.
I want a new job, wat to meet new pple (i'm seriously bored with all the pple in my life right now).. so many things. I want to make a hairstlye that ive never had before , meet new pple etc in short i want to change my life and i want it right now. anyway sha i digress.
so if u happen to run into or come across a beautiful (yes i say so myself ..sue me), curvy chick in this dress that would be me.......
P.S. Hell has officially frozen over. I AM ON A DIET.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I miss u and i dont know why
a few days pass without me having a single thought of u
yet all of a sudden my face flushes, my heart skips a beat
i remember and i get this ache down in my belly
slowly , it spreads througout my body
i get hot and cold at the same time
i reach for my phone to call you .....
but my memories hit me in the face like a dash of ice...
My hand stills and i can't bring myself to make that call
sometimes i go over myself and i send an sms
most times i say nothing, just hi
but even when the coldness and the hurt of my memories still my hand
still i miss u and i wonder how i could miss someone so much that my arms ache...