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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

50 things you probably didn't know about me

This post was inspired by taurean minx who was inspired by Low.

  1. I had my first kiss in my twenties.
  2. I attended an all girls secondary school.
  3. I'm the second of four I have an older brother (We fought all through childhood and we still do occasionally. It is not my fault he always starts it), a fashionista younger sister and a teenage sister (although we still insist she's a baby).
  4. I look almost exactly like my mom.
  5. My name reminds one of a mother.
  6. I cherish friendships to a fault and I’d sometimes go out of my way for people.
  7. I have a sweet tooth. It's legendary. Ask my friends they'll tell you.
  8. My favourite meal is rice (regardless of the form or dish it comes in I LOVE RICE) .
  9. I HATE BEANS.I won't eat it unless I’m starving.
  10. I've never been drunk in my entire life. I’m not sure i've had anything alcoholic either. Does palm wine count?
  11. I'm allergic to malt.
  12. My favorite color is blue.
  13. Reading is not a love for me, it's a passion.
  14. I love the smell of a new book.
  15. I was a romance novel junkie. I still read the occasional one.
  16. I have a problem with badly spoken English.
  17. I have a problem with badly written English.
  18. I love music and sometimes I wish I could sing well but alas, I cannot hold a tune. So says my baby sister.
  19. I’ve never fainted in my entire life. Though not for want of trying or wishing.
  20. I acted in my first drama at the NYSC orientation camp. My friends call it my one scene movie.
  21. My favorite song changes every few weeks.
  22. Whenever I find a favorite song, I over listen to it, until I get sick of it.
  23. I’m not attracted to light skinned or skinny guys
  24. I can't really dance as well as I would love to.
  25. I'd love to travel and see the places that I usually read about.
  26. I've just found out that I love shoes beautiful shoes, the ones I only get to see in mags or on the net but cannot afford.
  27. I hate the way females are portrayed in Home videos and musicals.
  28. I love GOD and I’ve come to a place where I can confidently say that I have a walk with him and I understand where I am.
  29. I'm not very fat but i'm big which means i have curves in all the right places. And i love it. No diets for me.
  30. My ultimate occupational goal is to run a bookstore and a software outfit. I even have names for them. (i won't tell you so no one will copy them before i get enough money to start. )

And lest I forget I’m a bloody romantic .

to be continued

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

(The Name that Launched a Thousand Letters)
It’s been seven years. In the beginning, it was beautiful. When I look back I realize that it was almost magical. It felt good to have a friend like “you”. I was so proud of me. I was able to be platonic no strings attached friends with a guy. The whole school including my closest female friends thought we were dating. They must have seen something we didn’t see.
First year was such a mess for me everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. My glasses broke every week, had malaria every other weekend, misplaced things, issues with my friends, endless incidents. When I look back at that year I wonder how I survived it. But you were there steady as a rock, always there. Most nights you’d walk me to my room you didn’t have much to say but you always listened to me go on and on and on about whatever was bothering me at the time and sometimes God knows what. And when i was ill you’d come sit with me all day just to keep me company.
Now seven years down the line a lot of water has passed under the bridge. A lot of things have happened. We've hurt each other in ways that we couldn't possibly have imagined we could.The funny part is that You remember my hurting you but you don't seem to remember hurting me.
So now again we're back to talking (at least that's what it seems like to me) and you send me text saying that you miss me. I breathe thanks 'cos it leaves me feeling warm. But deep down inside my stomach is all tied up in knots. I wonder if it's real this time or if it's all a game or worse pity.
Whatever it is though, i just wonder if my heart can take it.
Now i know you're probably wondering who the above post is about. Its about someone special to me. I'll call him the name that launched a thousand letters. They say of Helen of troy (formerly of Sparta) as the face that launched a thousand ships ‘cos her beauty really did launch a thousand ships. I call him the name that launched a thousand letters ‘cos I must have written a thousand letters to him and about him. Some he got and some he didn't.
My id is actually a reflection of how I feel about him. When I opened an account, he left a comment on my page. Reading it made my heart smile and it also made me sad at the same time. Sad because in a sense I felt like I had blown something that had the potential of being wonderful. However, I didn’t know this at the time and I also had my issues, a lot of things I had to deal with. I’m a very independent person so it’s really hard for me to allow people help me deal with my issues I always believe that I can do it on my own until it’s almost too late for any one to help me out.
Although I wasn’t the perfect "girl", at the time, deep down I wasn't so bad. I just needed to find me, and grow up. Sometimes when I look back at the last four years (my storm lasted four years) I wish things were different and wish I had done things differently but then I realize that the wealth of experience that I have garnered, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I just wish I could get one more chance with him, one final Dance with him. I'd play a song that would never ever end. How, I’d love love love to dance with "the name" again. Ohhhhhhh i'd really love that. But even if i didn't I’d still like to hug him, dance with him, kiss him in the rain,...............................
so at least I’ll have those memories to hold in my heart and to keep me in the cold days ahead

I just needed to blog about this stuff so that maybe i could get it off my chest.I hope I haven't bored you to tears.