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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Finding My Rythm

I wish there was some other word i could use right now but i cant seem to find any. It has been a loong while since ive been here. Every day i tell myself im going to blog today but time slips by and before i know it its time to go home. Right now ive decided to blog at least twice a week to make up for the lost time..... i hope i can make it LOL!!!!!!!!!.

So whats brought me back here asides the fact that i love to write? Well I do love to write and thats why im back and if all i ever write about is about myself my day or whatever happening around me then so be it. Not everyone was meant to write the great novel but some people were definitely meant to write short stories. nomore illusions of grandeur for me.

so wat been happening to me.......... a whole blog no..make that two blog posts.