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Monday, October 23, 2006

Ok I'm back.
I'm happy to say that things have finally shaped up. I've gone from jobless to jobfull if there's any such thing as that.
I got a job and in the past few weeks i've attended more aptitude tests and interviews. than i would care to remember its just the same old drama over and over again. Anyway for the past month i've been working in a small healthcare company in oregun. It's not the job of my dreams in fact its far from it, but im managing it while i wait for the job i want.
Ive been through quite a bit the past few weeks and ive learnt a bit about myself as well. Him ..... well thats a story for another day suffice to say there plenty of drama going on right now. Funny thing is the more the drama the calmer i get. In the past i always thought that we could always talk and lately we've talked a lot more honestly than we ever have. There's still plenty of drama sha o!! plenty plenty drama but me ... im just calm so calm that even I am suprised at my own reaction. More self dicovery i guess. But anyway sha i miss him like crazy right now but it doesnt hurt so much anymore.
Ive missed blogging i really have but no internet at work yet so I'm using my oga's wireless. He'd better not catch me here. Id better get out of here before he does.
BTW my job is in procurement and my boss is the finance manager. Ive learnt a lot about accounting this past month enough to know why accountanats are soooo boring. Anyone would be too if all they had to do all day was look at figures. Any way ive gotta run but i will most definitely be back.
ok i got a job. Be right back.