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Monday, February 19, 2007

The 16th of February marked exactly one year since my first post Drawing first blood. Its been quite a ride.
From the first ever blog i read ore its been a wonderful whole new experience. Thanks Everyone for making my stay on blogger wonderful.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tomorrow is valentines day and this year, i've decided that i want to have me a valentine. So this year, my valentine is someone who i've known almost forever. ...and before u go i know ,i know, ....NO its not TG.
My decision to make sure i have a valentine goes way back to my 2nd year @unilorin. Yep University of Ilorin. My name is Adunni and i graduated from the university of ilorin. well anyway it was my 2nd year at uni, and valentines day was around the corner. I wasn't doing too good in the relationships department... in fact i wasn't even in the department. Not only that, i couldn't think of any admirer of mine who would claim me as their val and all that stuff.
My girlfriend Aisha and i were mooning about our val less fate one evening when it suddenly occured to us that hey!!! since our chances of getting gifts and stuff of any kind on val's day was very ... very... very.. slim,we'd just val each other. That way, when all the other girls were getting gifts we wouldn't be too miserable as we'd at least have something to console ourselves with and we wouldnt be too miserable.
So we bought each other gifts and funny enough we had a swell time. We made concotion rice , made a cake and bought Zobo drinks. In fact we had a lot more fun than most of our friends who had boyfriends.
Well this year once again i've decided to console myself 'cos this year i most certainly need it.
And my Valentine is........(drum roll) not its not Aisha (she's married now) its my friend "Y"
My friend "Y" I've known her forever. We attended the same primary school but we were barely friends 'cos we were always in different classes. We hooked up after secondary school. Sh'd come back to Lagos to stay with her Grandma whose house is on the same street as my mum's shop.
I remeber the day we met again. I was opening my mum's shop one morning and this girl walks up to me from nowhere and asks if i'd attended Convent(Maryland Convent Private School). I said yes ,we struck up a conversation and that was it.
Now i must confess if she hadn't walked up to me, i wonder if we'd have met otherwise. 'Cos i rarely do stuff like walk up to people and introduce myself (Im really really shy but people find it hard to believe though). And so we've been friends since. We've had our issues and all that but we're still good friends. I'd like to believe that its because we've both made a concious effort to stay friends.
Coincidentally we were born a mere 20 days apart she 5th of July and I'm 25th. We almost always have the same issues at the same time for example she had one extra at school and i had two extras....
We've been through thick and thin together "Y" and I. I call her gradma my grandma 'cos we're so close.
Now i could go on and on about "Y" shes smart, sazzy, beautiful,tall, elegant,intelligent plus shes the best marketer there is (i know.... i know... i'm biased).
But thats not why she's my Val. She's my Val 'cos she's my support system. She's always there whenever i need to just yak about my issues. She encourages me. She's a source of strenght and comfort. She's a great person and i'm just glad that she's my friend.
Now that i've gone and made it official that she's my valentine, i know that she will not let me "hear word" till i get her a gift..... Now what do i get my Valentine?