Sosial media

Friday, March 04, 2011

Just tried a new template. I kind of like it. I hope i can change the colors and customize it.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Looking for a new template. I don't like this yellow one. its just bland like that. off to look for lovely free ones. emphasis on free.

i want to come back here but i don't know how. I've lost my way and am now in a maze of my own making. Wish i could find my way back. I really miss here. Here is where i put down my deepest thoughts shared my deepest feelings. Here is where i felt so good looking back at my own mastery of the written word. Perhaps its the looking back thats kept my pen still. perhaps i should wipe the slate clean and begin again perhaps i should start afresh a new page without the mistakes and triumphs of the past or perhaps i should stay and commit.... i dunno. Every time i try to start again some how i get sidetracked hmmmm... words so much in my head swirling round and round so close i can almost touch them words so many words I've kept them inside so long and now all i want to do is let them out ...lord how i've missed you ... i really really have... i hope that now that i've come back , that i can stay course coming here keeps me sane ........